Some helpful sites I use a lot. Sites marked with *** means I highly recommend them!



  • 88x31 Huge collection of 88x31 buttons.
  • ***Barbara Carrd with a ton of cutesy pixels, dividers, etc.
  • ***CoolText Graphic text generator (like the title of this page!) plus over 1,000 fonts.
  • ***Engrampixel Tumblr site with hundreds of adorable pixels, dividers, buttons, etc.
  • GifCities Huge archive of old web GIFs, searchable by keyword.
  • GlowTxt Glitter text generator with cool fonts (mostly cutesy or futuristic).
  • Pixel Backgrounds Tumblr post with tons of cute tiled backgrounds and some full screen ones.
  • Pookatoo Glitter text generator with cool fonts (mostly horror-themed).


  • Myspace Profile Archived capture of the founder of Myspace's profile from October 2007. Classic layout I use a lot for reference!
  • Photopea Free online alternative to Photoshop.

Not web-related

  • Boosteroid Cloud gaming platform that lets you play popular games directly from your browser. I use it to play PC Games on my Macbook. Some games are free but some require a monthly subscription.
  • ***K-Pop Photocard Templates Amazing collection of regularly updated album photocard templates for 37 different groups! Created by oopsyhyuck.
  • ***Miss Dream A Sailor Moon fansite with very high quality magazine and artbook raw scans as well as free downloads of translated manga. I highly recommend looking through the Picture Collection books.