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Hiiiii I'm Sam! I'm a 23 year old grad student from New York currently living in Boston. This is a fun lil site where I talk about myself and my interests! I hope you have fun looking around. :)

My love for coding began from editing my Tumblr theme in 2012. It was pretty easy to learn following tutorials and I loved how I could customize my space exactly how I wanted to. I lost interest in CSS and HTML for a while, but started up again during quarantine in March 2020. I would wake up at 3am with an idea for a new page I wanted to code (~just ADHD things~). I played around with it on Tumblr and Carrd, then discovered Neocities a few months ago. Building my own site from scratch sounded super fun, so here we are!

I study media and I'm currently interested in lost media (especially those that were lost in technological changes) and the old web. I was born in 1999 and didn't witness the true old web, but I vividly remember coming home from school in 2008 and going on a clunky Geocities site about Sailor Moon and clicking through all the related websites. There was so much information and so many cool sites that I had to manually find or accidentally stumble upon. The internet has become too consolidated and too aesthetically clean! Give me back my Neopets and Adobe Flash Games and Shoes (2007)!

Likes: dogs (especially French bulldogs), cats, Halloween, matcha lattes, angels, the 80s & 90s
Dislikes: bananas, winter, action movies, anything mint flavored, being busy

Watching: Friends
Reading: The Shining - Stephen King
Listening to: Talk that Talk - Twice
Eating: Greek yogurt
Drinking: Starbucks' Pink Drink

Update Log

9/19/22 Worked on About page, changed blog name (2baddies > vitamin).
9/17/22 Started filling out the Resources page.
9/15/22 Built basic layout, finished home page. (Also, 2 Baddies was released!)
9/13/22 Created!

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